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Web Design concepts

The web allows people to communicate with the world, quickly and with the most efficiency possible. With the right tools, you can spread your message for pennies per viewer. Unlike any other marketing method, the web can be used in an extraordinary manner. By posting your message on the web, you have a 24X7 billboard, magazine, newspaper, radio, and television ad. How much is that worth? The exposure you gain by presenting your message to the world cannot be compared to any other media. If you do not currently own a web-site, you might ask yourself why. We offer affordable web-design to allow everyone to have a presence on the web. Do you really need a web-site? Find out by installing a low-cost door to the web. You will never hear them knocking without the door.

What is involved

Several things need to be considered as you begin the design of your site. The overall "look and feel", colors, images, content, and scope (how deep will your topics be) and navigation. Once these are considered, content can be organized and inserted wish ease, as the pages flow smoothly with a uniform look.

Creating a look and feel

The "look and feel" comes from many different aspects. Color combinations can be relaxing, inviting, or just plain irritating. Color choice is very important and should coordinate with the message and the intended audience.


A logo gives your organization "branding" and a way to distinguish one company from the other. Logo's should not be overlooked for their importance.

Images that convey a message, an idea or show your product - are a must. Images should be small but pack alot of punch. They should tie in well with the topic at hand.

Navigation must be considered as a key component of web design. Poor navigation leads to a frustrated and lost visitor, and potentially a lost sale. Navigation can be changed, but it becomes difficult and time consuming as your site grows. So adequate preparation and thought should be dedicated to how your visitors move from one page to another, insuring access to all content with as little confusion as possible.

Identifying your message and your goals:

It is very important to understand clearly what you are trying to accomplish before you attempt to accomplish it. It can be very difficult to identify the purpose of your web site and without this information you can lose important site structure and fail to get your message across correctly. When identifying your message and your goals try asking yourself some of the following questions:

  1. Why do I need a Web site?
  2. What will this web site accomplish for myself / my business
  3. What product or idea are we selling?
  4. Who is the main audience? Are there other audiences to consider?
  5. What behavior change do we want to effect in them? How soon?
  6. If we can say only one thing to them, what is it?
  7. Who is competing for the audience's attention?
  8. Anticipated hurdles/limitations?

Remember, we can only make suggestions from our knowledge and experience. You will be the owner and the end results will come to you. You are the one we want to be happy, regardless of what the world thinks.

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