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How is data lost?

There are many ways to lose data,some of them are recoverable, but many are not. All of them involve the pain of loss, and the expense and inconvenience of attempting to recover portions of the information that may or may not exist. The most common ways people lose data include:

  1. Accidental deletion, misplacement of files
  2. Corruption of operating system, software, or file tables
  3. Trojan, virus, rootkit, file destruction or alteration
  4. Hardware failure - clicking hard-drive is always a bad sign
  5. Fire, flood, power-surge / lightning-strike
  6. Theft or vandalism

Certainly the last two are the most devastating, as many times your business is lost along with your records, contacts, receivables, and accounting information. Many business never recover from fires and thefts, regardless of insurance coverage. Many businesses that are prepared for disaster, hardly skip a beat.

Online Backup Services Base Plans
Storage Monthly Annually
500 MB $9.95 $99.50
1 GB $12.95 $129.50
2 GB $24.45 $244.50
5 GB $55.00 $550.00
10 GB $100.00 $1,000.00
Above 10 GB consider co-location/dedicated
Additional Pricing :
Automated Backup Fee      $60 / device
Data Back-Up

Avoid the need and uncertainty of data recovery by preparing ahead of time with a consistent plan.

The main factors that need to be considered:

  1. What data needs to be secured / copied?
  2. Where will it be secured / stored? (medium and location)
  3. How will it get there?
  4. How often will your perform the back-up?
Current methods
  1. The floppy backup - the worst method of all, but better than nothing
  2. Tape-Back-up the second oldest method, very inefficient, tapes degrade over time
  3. CD-ROM - much better, but disks are easily scratched, if not careful
  4. Stored on different drive and/or folder on same machine - more consistent and reliable
  5. One-touch external hard-drives - good idea but may be easily misplaced or stolen, too expensive
  6. Off-site storage via on-line transfer - the most reliable, consistent, and foolproof

The best methods currently available involve storage on hard-drives. Although hard-drives do fail ( the more they spin, the shorter the life) and occasionally become corrupted, this is the best method currently available. Many people assume that hard-drives cannot be used for long-term storage, but with the low prices currently ( .30 per GB) you can easily afford to stack the drives in a bank somewhere and forget them unless needed. This is much cheaper than storing file cabinets full of documents and almost as as cheap as a CD-ROM (still .08 -.10 each, and only 7/10 GB)

We currently offer on-site and off-site servers for a consistent, reliable and secure storage option. Secure the data on your servers, or all your machines, and worry about running your business, leave the data to us.




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