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Data Recovery Birmingham Al, Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia data recovery birmingham al homewood hoover vestavia pelham alabaster

Your computer does not boot, you cannot see your drive, and you have lost your files and photos. Sound familiar? It happens many times everyday. Most data loss is the result of logical errors, rather than mechanical errors. In fact, 92% of the time, your data can be recovered without opening your drive. Typically we perform several techniques that can have your data back in a few hours for a very low cost, rather than a few weeks, and SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS. Most data can be recovered from a hard-drive regardless of deletion attempts and/or failure of the drive itself. Many people do not realize the difference between physical and logical failure. As a result, they tend to overpay for recovery services by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Talk to us first, and find out The Truth about Data Recovery

Spyware Removal

One of the most common of all PC problems, spayware has made itself to the top of the FBI's Most Wanted List, and along with the SANS Institute have identified Internet Explorer as the FBI's 'Enemy #1' for 2007. Design flaws in the browser allow malicious websites to attack your computer and install spyware. Then you computer becomes an automated "spambot", or keylogger, or any number of other serious threats to not only your productivity but your financial security. Is your computer infected?

Computer Repair Birmingham Al, Hoover Homewood, Vestavia Pelham

birmingham computer repair data recovery and spyware removal in hoover homewood vestavia pelham alabasterOf course we repair computers, PCs, laptops, notebooks and the rest. As stated above, the most common problems with Windows based PCs is spyware infection. The spyware is almost always running processes that slow your machine, and prevent it from operating properly. This is often misinterpreted as a broken computer, or something that needs to 'upgraded', with memory, or a new processor. Rarely is this the case. Most can be fixed within an hour or so with a few tools and expertise, and a little user training (free of charge) - will GeekSquad do that for you? Read more

Automated Data-Backup

One of the most important ways too prepare for disasters is to prevent loss of critical data. The main way to prevent loss of data is to store your data in two or more separate locations. We recommend automated backups to remove human error, and reduce the chances of misfiling backups. We also recommend the use of remote backups, and secure storage, to prevent the spread of infection of malware that may have been the cause of a disaster in the first place. To read more about our disaster prevention services, automated backup tools, and our remote backup services, click here

Notebook and Laptop RepairRepair birmingham al computer repair hoover homewood vestavia pelham alabaster

notebook laptop repair birmingham hoover vestavia mountain brook al

Just as we repair PCs, we also service the portable variety. As with other PCs, a typical repair consists of removing spyware, but we slod replace and repair hardware components, and safely recover all your data from your drive before it can be lost from formatting, a common occurence from other unskilled and untrained shops. Learn More

Disaster Recovery Birmingham Al, Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia

Recovering from disaster can be a stressful, expensive, and time-consuming and life changing ordeal. The best way to deal with disasters is to prepare for them before they happen. The one thing most individuals and organizations fail to do is prepare and plan for events that effect technology and information. This failure can cost a small fortune in lost revenue, wages, customers, and due to the latest legislation (see Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) you can even be prosecuted for failure to prepare. The best method is preparation. If you have suffered a recent disaster, there a several things you should consider. Read more

Legal Research and Data Forensics

To learn more about Data Forensics and monitoring CLICK HERE



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