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Drive failure rates announced by Google

Google Labs publishes report estimating 8.6% failure rate of consumer hard-drives within 3 years, more than 4X manufacturer's claims. Our suggestion: Store data in two places, NOW ! Download report in PDF

Thinkpad makes top 5 list -all-purpose laptop

Lenovo, maker of the Thinkpad R52 latop (formerly IBM) wins the top spot according to PC World. Of course, we always recommend Thinkpads.


Imation's 4GB micro drive

The tiny hard drive has a padlock-shaped design; its USB connector is a loop that can be clipped to objects such as key chains.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sony BMG Music Entertainment has reached a tentative settlement with consumers who filed a class action lawsuit over the music company's copy-protection software on CDs, court papers show.



NEW YORK (Reuters) - Rates Technology Inc., which holds patents for the process by which most Internet phone calls are made, confirmed on Friday that it is suing Google Inc. over its Web-based phone calling system.



Sites exploit Windows image flaw

Computer users are being alerted to a new flaw in Microsoft Windows which can be used to attack a PC. Exploit code has been publicly posted and used to successfully attack fully-patched Windows XP SP2 systems.



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