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We use secure open-source tools such as Linux to reduce costs by reducing licensing fees. These tools also provide the most secure and flexible strategies to accomplish the mission of securing your data.

What is Automated Data-Backup?

We recommend automated backups to remove human error, and reduce the chances of misfiling backups. We also recommend the use of remote backups, and secure storage, to prevent the spread of infection of malware that may have been the cause of a disaster in the first place.

Prevention - the best cure

One of the most important ways too prepare for disaster is to prevent loss of critical data. The main way to prevent loss of data is to store your data in two or more separate locations. Always better than recovery, prevention is often overlooked because humans are far from clairvoyent. We have difficulty seeing into the future, and many of us have difficulty examining the past. Only a fool would spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to recover data twice. Prepare for the inevitable, and the pain will be much less.




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