New in Business

BlackBerry maker warns on subscribers - Research in Motion Ltd. on Wednesday lowered its outlook for subscriber additions for the rest of this fiscal year due to new product launch delays.


Sony to Suspend Antipiracy CDs - In the face of mounting criticism, Sony promises to stop making CDs with XCP antipiracy technology that can leave computers vulnerable to hackers. Security researchers have described Sony's technology as "spyware."

Cheap Laptops - under $100

An MIT professor's plan to offer $100, hand-crank laptop computers to children in developing countries has drawn interest from several foreign leaders as well as Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who plans to distribute them to schoolchildren. We will not be selling these, but they are pretty cool. More



New in Information

One pound palmtop-laptop fully functional PC Are you kidding me? - this is awesome, and it run X Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/Professional operating system

Technology pushing political films to forefront - Got a political perspective? Grab a camera and make a statement. With today's technology, we can all be part of a new cinematic dialogue.

What's next for Google - What do they have up their sleeve?

LONDON -- Telecom giant Inmarsat is weeks away from launching the second in a series of two super-satellites -- designed to be among the most powerful commercial communications spacecraft in orbit -- that will beam broadband data and voice services to almost any location on the planet.

'FBI-Paris Hilton' worm called the year's worst - It looks like an e-mail from the FBI, or a note promising pictures of Paris Hilton -- but some anti-virus companies are now calling it the most widespread computer virus outbreak of the year.  Sober-Y, the latest variation of a computer virus that was first released almost two years ago, surprised analysts Tuesday by gaining traction and rocketing millions of e-mails around the world.



New Legislation


Online privacy protections fall short - Despite growing concern on the part of Internet users and increased government regulation, many Web sites around the world still fall well short of providing minimal data privacy protections to consumers, according to a report released Thursday by London-based Consumers International.


New Local

Join the quest to make Alabama America’s most Einstein-informed state! - EINSTEIN is coming to Alabama as McWane Center hosts the most comprehensive presentation ever mounted on Einstein's life and theories.


Off-site data backup

There are several services that offer off-site data backup, one of my favorites is StreamLoad. They have a 10 GB storage limit for a free account, but you can only download 100 MB per month. It's a great place to park your stuff for free just in case. The worst case scenario is losing all your stuff locally and needing all of it back immediately, then you just have to pay for retrieving it in a large chunk, no big deal. Just download their software and follow the instructions on their site to upload your files. Very simple.

On-site data backup

It is almost as simple backing up on your network. There are many tools available to help with this, we like File Sync, a shareware product, and Cobian, from a Swedish-Cuban dude educated in Russia? These are both great apps, and work well on the local network. Remember, you must have a network, with shares setup on the system you are backing up to.




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