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Hard Drive Crash?

Happens all the time, and most of the time it is the result of a simple logical crash rather than the extremely expensive physical crash. Despite this fact, many companies charge the same price as someone disassembling your drive. This is unfortunate for many un-informed consumers who simply want a folder full of pictures back. Most people are unable to pay thousands of dollars for memories, documents, and email. That is where Vulcan Data comes in. The most reasonably priced data recovery service in North America. Count on us to recover your missing files, a database, or even your entire drive. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Call us for data-recovery services, the most affordable in the South-East. More Info

Data Recovery

Finding your lost files, photos, missing data, spreadsheets, and digital treasures is our specialty. For years we have been recovering those lost treasures for business and home-users at the lowest possible cost, making data recovery affordable again. If you have lost your data, and are about to lose your mind, give us a call, and let Vulcan Data bring back your sanity and those storage items that you can no longer see. Recover Data Now - Click here

Free Data Recovery Software - does it really work?

There are many packages available that can help you recover your data. Not all of them work well, and none of them work on every type of Free Data Recovery Softwaredata loss. Even fewer still are free, so if you choose to DIY, plan on spending some money. If you do choose to spend money on software, you may want to consider having an expert evaluate your drive. All software that has any value towards recovery carries a potential to damage your data especially if you have little to no experience. Find free software here

Recover SD card photos, and other flash photo cards

recover data from flash memory and sd cards How many times have you deleted an entire card accidentally or prematurely, then realize that there were many you had not saved or printed elsewhere. Never fear, as long as you don't continue to take pictures, your photos will still be there. In addition, flash memory, just like other drives, can be corrupted, indexes and tables can be lost and corrupted as well. The trouble is photo memory quite frequently has different file formats and partitions than a standard OS partition. So you will need to consult a professional who can help with recovering those precious photos.

Spyware Removal

One of the most common of all PC problems, spayware has made itself to the top of the FBI's Most Wanted List, and along with the SANS Institute have identified Internet Explorer as the FBI's 'Enemy #1' for 2007. Design flaws in the browser allow malicious websites to attack your computer and install spyware. Then you computer becomes an automated "spambot", or keylogger, or any number of other serious threats to not only your productivity but your financial security. Is your computer infected?

Computer Repair Birmingham Al, Hoover Homewood, Vestavia Pelham

birmingham computer repair data recovery and spyware removal in hoover homewood vestavia pelham alabasterOf course we repair computers, PCs, laptops, notebooks and the rest. As stated above, the most common problems with Windows based PCs is spyware infection. The spyware is almost always running processes that slow your machine, and prevent it from operating properly. This is often misinterpreted as a broken computer, or something that needs to 'upgraded', with memory, or a new processor. Rarely is this the case. Most can be fixed within an hour or so with a few tools and expertise, and a little user training (free of charge) - will GeekSquad do that for you? Read more

Recover data and lost files from thumb drives and other flash memory

If you have lost or missing data on your portable drive or thumb drive, you may assume that the flash drive is bad. Odds are that the data is data recovery thumb drivestill intact, but for some reason your formatting or index has been corrupted or data has been deleted. All these possiblities are resolvable with the same tools and techniques.

Are you backing up your data?

recover data from laptop

From accounts receivables to the digital photos of your child's first steps, backing up your data should be the first thing you think about when storing important information on your computer. With the explosion in laptop popularity, notebook owners are always a higher risk for losing data than desktop users. Reasons include theft, loss, and the fragile nature of notebook hardware. Many resources exist to provide adequate loss prevention of precious data. In the event of a crash, the worst case scenario may not be as bad as you think.

Recover data and lost files from zip disks, memory sticks, and other and other flash memory in digital cameras, iPods, and other devices that need data recovery

Flash drives and embeded memory have found their way into many devices, especially on the portable side. Although recover digital picturesthese flash memory sicks are more reliable and durable, they can also experience the many of the same issues that other drives suffer from, including lost files, corrupted indexes etc,. zip disk recoveryAs the zip disks and memory sticks are external, they my be the only source of the missing files in question.


Notebook and Laptop Repair birmingham al computer repair hoover homewood vestavia pelham alabaster

notebook laptop repair birmingham hoover vestavia mountain brook al

Just as we repair PCs, we also service the portable variety. As with other PCs, a typical repair consists of removing spyware, but we slod replace and repair hardware components, and safely recover all your data from your drive before it can be lost from formatting, a common occurence from other unskilled and untrained shops. Learn More

Automated Data Back-Up

The only way to make sure you will have your records, files, and important data is to consistently record a backup in a secondary machine, preferably in a second location. The key word is consistently, and the only way to be consistent is to remove the human element from the back-up procedure. The primary reason for unrecoverable information is human error. Our system eliminates human error. In addition, if there is a computer error at any time in the process, notifications are automatically sent to anyone and everyone who needs to be notified, including our staff. More details

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